Generation Connect Group

Generations Ministry is a ministry to individuals and couples who are 30 years old and over of the OHCC Community from the committed to the occasional attendees with a primary focus on the relational needs of all who will come. Due to the relations being built, the participants will find spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs being met.

Generations Ministry's purpose is focused on creating activities to assist the OHCC Community to get plugged into fellowship with others at OHCC, to one another, and to God.


Building relationships that will last for generations through the Word, fellowship and activities.


Plan and promote activities which facilitate bible study and fellowship in which strong friendships can be formed. Participants will personally invite individuals and couples to the planned activities.


Bi-weekly Generation Connect Group meetings

Various fellowship activities with a minimum of one each quarter to develop fellowship and friendships


Generations Ministry Leader: Mike Borman

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Generations Ministry Leader: Connie Borman 

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