Momentum Men's Ministry

Momentum Men's Ministry is a ministry to the men in the congregation of OHCC, from the committed to the occasional attendees, with a primary focus on the spiritual and relational needs by providing the tools to build their relationships with God and others.

Momentum Men's Ministry's purpose is focused on fostering individual spiritual growth and maturity in men and assisting them to get plugged into fellowship with others at OHCC, to one another, and to God.


All men of OHCC to be focused on a Christ centered life by providing all the proper spiritual, emotional, and relational tools needed to accomplish this goal in Christ.


  1. To create a Christ centered ministry that equips each man of OHCC.
  2. To provide the tools to each man that he needs to move forward in his walk with Christ.
  3. To teach men the biblical principles needed in their daily life to be truly successful.

Men's Ministy events

  • Build healthy relationships with other men
  • Fellowship events
  • Spiritual building events
  • Family relational building events

Momentum Men's Ministry Leader: Pastor Jay Nicoson

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